1. Misnomer (Noun)- अनुपयुक्त नाम
--- A use of a wrong or Inappropriate Name ---

2. Vagaries (Noun)- अनियमितता
--- Unexpected or Unpredictable changes in a situation or in someone's Behavior Which You can't Control ---

3. Lucrative (Adjective)- लाभदायक
--- Producing a great deal of Profit---

4. Implosion (Noun)- कुछ अचानक पूरी तरह विफल होना
--- A sudden failure or Collapse of an Organization or system---

5. Assorted (Adjective)- मिश्रित
--- Consisting of various types of Mixed together---

6. Colossal (Adjective)- अति विशाल
--- Extremely Large Or Great ---

7. Scandal (Noun)- कांड
--- An action or event that is considered immoral causing the public to react with Shock and Anger ---

8. Hefty (Adjective)- हट्टा-कट्टा, तगड़ा , पुष्ट
--- Large, Heavy and Powerful---

9. To the Hilt (Phrase)-  पूर्णतया
---Unable to be Attacked , Questioned or Defeated---

10. Stringent (Adjective)- कठोर, अशिथिल, सख्त
--- Not allowing for any expectations or Loosening of Standards---


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