All about #LEAVES for Central govt. employees –

All about #LEAVES for Central govt. employees – 

Every central govt. employee is entitled to 60 leaves per year, (30EL, 8CL, 2RH, and 20HPL). Other than Saturdays-Sundays and gazetted holidays. 

EL, CL, HPL, RH, commuted leaves, LND, EOL,
Maternity leave, paternity leave, study leave, compulciative leave etc.

#EL (Earned Leave) – Total 30 in a year. 1st Jan = 15d 1 July = 15d
Credited into account two and a half every month, I mahine kaam krne pe 2.5 EL earned hoti hai.
#Encashment of EL – you can submit 300EL in the whole service, and retirement or jab aap chaho tab 300 EL ka encashment mil jaata h uss time ki per day salary k hisaab se, So mostly retirement k time hi lete hai sab. But only 300 hi submit kr sakte hai, whole service me ye ni 1000 kar do.
Retirement pass h to app apni 300 EL bhi le sakte hai, by aisa krne se khud ko hi loss hai so rarely krta hai koi. (Uss time EL lene pe only basic and DA milta hai)

During LTC ek employee max 60 days ki EL le sakta h, entire service period me.

#HPL (Half pay leave) – isme aadhe din ki salary milti h and max 20 days ki lee jaa sakti hai. EL ki tarahi hi 10-10 krke evry year 20 HPL credit hoti hai.

#Commuted_leave – HPL  ko commute kara sakte ho medical certificate laga k jisme 2HPL = 1 commuted leave. Iss tarah aap 10 days k liye full salary pe leave le sakte hai.
HPL ye hai 20 din tk free rah sakte ho office se bt pay aadha rhega full pay k liye commute kara sakte ho.

#CL (Casual Leave) – 8 in a calendar year, means 1st jan se 31st dec tk.
Koi bhi 12 mahine nahi. CL can be availed upto 5 in one time except under special circumstances.
CL leaves account me count nahi hoti 8 melegi every year use naa karo to lapse ho jaati hai. And next year fir me fir se 8 mil jayengi.
Sundays and other holidays falling during a casual leave are not counted as part of casual leave.
Casual leave can be taken for a half day also.

#RH (restricted holiday) - Restricted Holidays ki ek list hoti h other than gazette holidays’ list. Usme se aap koi bhi two apni convenience k hisaab se le sakte ho.
List of Restricted Holidays for States other than Delhi can vary.

Ex. Dipawali ka gazatted holiday rahta h and govardhan pooja ka gazetted nahi hota but RH list me hota h govardhan pooja ka holiday so aap le sakte ho.

#EOL (Extra ordinary leave) – isme aap without pay leave pe jaa skte ho,
Increment k liye EOL count nahi hoti but medical certificate laga k or higher study k liye leave pe ho to count hoti hai.
EOL can be availed upto 5 yrs in the whole service.

#LND (Leave not Due) – ye wo leave hoti hai jo Advance me li jaati hai.
Upto 360 days in the entire service.

LND, HPL k account se hi debit hoti hai means HPL ko advance me lene ko hi LND kahte hai.

A few leaves that are not debited to leave account and full pay is granted-
#CCL (Child care leave) – For Female employee only.
730 days in the entire service. 
Can be availed Only upto 2 survivng children less than 18 yrs old.
Also Can be availed in more than one spell.

#Maternity_leave – for female employee only
Upto 180 days with less than two surviving children.

In case of miscarriage/abortion – 45 days

#Paternity_leave – for male employees only to take care of their wife
15 days
Apply from 15 days before or upto 6 months after from the date of delivery of child.

#Child_adoption_leave –for female employees only.
135 days.
With fewer than two surviving children on valid adoption of a child below than one year.

#SCL (Special casual leave) – max. 15 days tk hi di jaa sakti hai except extra ordinary cases.
• To attend committed meetings
• To give evidence before a court of law as a witness in a civil or criminal cases.
• Dancing and singing competitions – 15 days
• To attend meetings (union/association) – 12days
• Cultural activities – 30 days
• Seriously injured sports person – 30 days

#Study_leave – higher studies or special course – wo aisa jisme department ko directly or indirectly advantage mile, uske k liye apply kar sakte hai.
Generally max 2 yrs, in special case max 3 yrs.
To avail this service should be of at least 5 yrs.
Aisa employee jo 3 yrs me retire hone wala hai usse ni milegi.
Ye to thi rules ki baat baaki leves solely aapki competent authority pe depend karti hai. So sab adjust ho jaata hai.

Iske alawa koi doubt yaa kisi k bare detail jaanti hai to comment me puchh sakte hai…


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