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GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2018 (Memory Based)

GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2018  (Memory Based).

1.  A question on Highest Railway station?

2.  One question on Banking regulatory act.

3.   Pass in Himachal Pradeh? Rohtang Pass

4.   What causes the disease Rickets? Deficiency of Vitamin D

5.   What is a Sustained rise in the general price level of good & services called? Inflation

6.   When was the Jan Dhan Yojna started? Narendra Modi in 2014

7.      Where is the Khajurao temple situated? Madhya Pradesh

8.      Who was the 1st chief justice of Delhi high court? Justice KS Hegde

9.      Where is Bandipur National Park – Karnataka

10.      A question on Battle of Buxar – 1764

11.      Dance form Dhamman belongs to which state? – Himachal Pradesh

12.      A question on Homeostatis

13.      When was the Mid-day Meal introduced? – 1995

14.      A question on President’s rule, state emergency.

15.      What is the Scientific name of Banyan Tree? – Ficus benghalensis

16.      What is Article 16 – Impeachment of President

17.      What is the National Sport of China? Table Tennis

18.  What is white Phosphorus?

19.  Who constructed GT Road? Sher Shah Suri

20.  Who is the CM of Maharashtra – Devendra Fadnavis

21.  Who was the one who attended the round table conference? 1st 2nd 3rd – B. R Ambedkar

22.  When is Earth day celebrated? 22nd April 

23.  Who established the Slave Dynasty in India? Qutb ud-Din Aibak.

24.  To which sport is Irani Trophy related to? – Cricket
25.  When was the Battle of Plassey fought? – 1757

26.  Who is the writer of novel “SOLO”? Rana Dasgupta

27.      What is Article 43 about? – Directive Principles of State Policy.

28.      Which article of constitution is about Constitutional Remedy? – Article 32

29.      Who is the I Lokpal? – Retired Supreme Court judge Pinaki Chandra Ghose

30.      Where is the Poush mela conducted? – West Bengal

31.      Pramod Sawant is the CM of which state? Goa

32.      Where is the Majuli Island, largest river island situated? Assam

33.      Who is the CEO of NITI Aayog? Amitabh Kant

34.      Who is the founder of Sayyid dynasty? Sayyid Khizr Khan

35.     Who is the new director of BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ) – Ajit Kumar Mohanty

36. Theme of 2019 International Day of Forests (IDF) Answer: Forests and Education
37. Makran Cup is for which Sports Ans: Boxing
38. Who won Gold medal in 2019 Makran Cup held in Iran? Answer: Deepak Singh (49kg)
39. Who is the CM of Maharashtra? Ans: Devendra Fadnavis
40. Which article covers freedom to travel anywhere in India? Ans: Article 19
41. Who was the first muslim ruler who conquered the southern region of India? Ans: Ala-ud-din Khilji
42. Bandipur National Park is situated in which state? Ans: Karnataka
43. Bagh Painting is related to which state? Ans: Madhya Pradesh
44. What was the theme of the International Water Day 2019?Ans: Leaving no one behind
45. Who was the founder of Slave Dynasty? Ans: Qub al-Dīn Aibak
46. Which was the first Dynasty to rule India? Ans: Haryanka Dynasty
47. Earth Day is celebrated on which Day? Ans: April 22
48. Which of the following metal is most reactive in nature? Au, Zn, Ag, Al Ans: Al (Aluminium)
49. Battle of Plassey was fought in which year? Ans: 23 June 1757
50. Who won Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize 2019? Ans: Rana Dasgupta for his 2010 novel “Solo”.
51. Who was the first ruler of Delhi Sultanate? Ans: Qutb-ud-din Aybak
52. Which is the softest metal? Ans: Gold
53. Which coating is used for galvanization process? Ans: Zinc

54. Longest national highway in india: Ans: NH 44 (a length of 3,745 kilometers running from Srinagar in the north to Kanyakumari in the south.)
55. Ozone layer depletion is caused by: Ans: Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) molecules
56. Who won Nobel Peace Prize 2014? Ans: Kailash Satyarthi
57. Quaternary sector belongs to which part of economy? Ans: Knowledge
58. Mid day meal comes under which Ministry? Ans: Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)
59. Tarapur is situated in which state? Ans: Maharashtra
60. Majuli Island is part of which State? Ans: Assam
61. Who discovered Electromagnetic Induction? Ans: Michael Faraday
62. Who won Padma vibhushan for mars mission? Ans: Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan
63. Most Ductile Metal: Ans: Platinum
64. Who was the governor during Sayyid dynasty? Ans: Khizr Khan
65. Article for Equal Justice and Law: Ans: Article 14
66. Pushkar Mela is conducted in which State? Ans: Rajasthan
67. Who has been recently appointed Director of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)? Ans: Ajit Kumar Mohanty
68. Who is the new CM of Goa? Ans: Pramod Sawant

69. Malimath committee is related to which issue? Ans: Criminal Justice System
70. Yaduraya Wodeyar was the ruler of which place? Ans: Mysore
71. Metalloid is an example of: Ans: Arsenic (As)
72. JJ Thomson won Nobel Prize for: Ans: The Nobel Prize in Physics 1906 was awarded to Joseph John Thomson "in recognition of the great merits of his theoretical and experimental investigations on the conduction of electricity by gases."
73. Australian Open Winner 2019: Ans. Novak Djokovic (Men), Naomi Osaka (Women)
74. Which of the following city is not the Cheapest city of india? 1)Mumbai  2)Chennai   3)Delhi  4)Bengaluru Ans: Mumbai
75. First Chief Justice of India who faced impeachment proceedings: Ans: V, Ramaswami
76. Where is sundari tree found in India? Ans: West Bengal
77. First women CJI of high court Ans: Leila Seth
78. First female president in world: Ans: Marma Estela 'Isabel' Martinez Cartas de Peron of Argentina. She was the President of Argentina from 1974 to 1976
79. 2017 Ranji trophy winner Ans: Vidarbha won the tournament, beating Delhi by 9 wickets in the final, to win their first Ranji Trophy title.
80. Project Tiger was initiated in: Ans: 1973
81. Uniform Civil Code Article  Ans: Article 44
82. Britain’s second female Prime Minister Ans: Theresa May
83. First female president of SAARC  Ans: Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed
84. How many Mahajanapads were there in 7th century? Ans: 16
85. Who is the father of biology? Ans: Aristotle
86. First woman prime minister in the world Ans: Sirimavo Bandaranaike
87. Who was the first female DGP of Pondicherry? Ans: S Sundari Nanda
88. Methyl propane isomer is also known as: Ans: Butane
89. Olympic council of Asia.  Ans: The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) is a governing body of sports in Asia, currently with 45 member National Olympic Committees. The current president is Sheikh Fahad Al-Sabah. The headquarters of the OCA is located at Kuwait City.
90. Which of the following is a Dance of Himachal Pradesh. Ans: Nati
91. Which country first introduced GST? Ans: France
92. TISCO was established in which year? Ans: 1907
93. Dry ice is a solid form  of: Ans: Carbon Dioxide
94. Who was the first Judge of Supreme Court? Ans: HJ Kania
95. Somnath Temple is located in which state? Ans: Gujarat
96. Which is the most expensive city in Cost of Living Survey 2019? Ans: Singapore
97. Who is the founder of facebook?  Ans: Mark Zuckerberg
·     98.   Happiness index India's rank - 140

·     99.   India's Passport Index ranking in the world - 67th

·    100.    Rickets is caused by the deficiency of? - vitamin D

·    101.    Who started Jan dhan yojana? - PM Narendra Modi

·    102.   Name of commission for changes in indian constitution

·    103.    bariatric surgery related to - weight loss
·         Gandhi–Irwin Pact

·    104.   1st chief justice of delhi high court? - KS Hegde

·    105.   Khujrao temple is situated in? - Chhatarpur district



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