Saturday 5 May 2018

Newspaper Reading Tips...

Newspaper Reading Tips:

▪Selective reading
▪Practice Reading Within one hour.
▪ Focus National, International, India and Neighbourhood relations,Business, Science and technology, Environment and Ecology, Government Schemes and policies, Art and Culture.
▪ Avoid Regional, Politics issues.
▪ Read Editorial. Its give whole idea of a relevant issue/Matter and Useful for comprehension practice for csat paper.
▪ Better try to avoid Newspaper cuttings and keeping, its feel gud to write News in paragraph Notes or Bullet points for easy reading  when ever u need.

Make 8 divisions, namely, International Relations(Middle East and Asia), International Relations(Americas and remaining world), Government Policies and schemes, Personalities and Awards and Sports, International Organisations, Social Issues, Economic Policies, Defence and classify all news in these categories.

Read especially editorial sections and expert opinion articles, by reading these you can score well in the exams especially the questions which are related to current affairs.These will help as a ready- reckoner while you are revising for the general studies syllabus.

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