Wednesday 16 May 2018

List of 700+ Most Important One Word Substitutions for Various Competitive Examinations (SCC CGL 2018).

List of 700+ Most Important One Word Substitutions for Various Competitive Examinations (SCC CGL 2018).

Sr. No.Many WordsOne Word
1An Embarrassing MistakeA Faux Pas
2A Place Where Animals Are Slaughtered For The MarketAbattoir
3Giving Up Throne By The KingAbdication
4A Washing Or Cleansing Of The Body Especially In A Religious CeremonyAblution
5The Original Inhabitants Of A CountryAborigines
7To Do Away With RuleAbrogate
10Give More Force Or Importance ToAccentuate
11The Study Of SoundsAcoustics
12Accept Without Protest Or SilentlyAcquiesce
13Word Formed From Initial Letters Of A NameAcronym
14Thing To Be Added At The End Of A Book Etc.Addendum
15Person Who Piolts Or Travels In A Ballon Airship Or Other AircraftAeronaut
16Person Who Loves NatureAesthete
18One Who Doubts The Soundness Of InferencesAesthetic
19To Increase The Gravity Of An Offence Or The Intensity Of A DisputeAggravate
20Fear Of PainAglophobia/Odynophobia
21The Science Of Soil Management And The Production Of Field CropsAgronomy
22Chemistry In Ancient TimesAlchemy
23A Story In Which Ideas Are Symbolised As PeopleAllegory
24To Mitigate Of Lessen The Suffering Or PainAlleviate
25Commencement Of Words With The Same LetterAlliteration
27An Annual Calendar With Position Of StarsAlmanac
28A Raised Place On Which Offering To A God Are MadeAltar
29Regard For Others As Principle Of A ActionAltruism
30A Lover Of MankindAltruist/Philanthropist
31Fear Of Riding A CarAmaxophobia
32A Tall Strong,Masculine Kind Of WomenAmazon
33Able To Walk After Being BedriddenAmbulatory
34To Make Better , To Improve Or To Lift Or A Better PlaceAmeliorate
35One Who Is LikeableAmiable
36Cutting Or Arm, Leg, Etc. By SurgeryAmputation
37A Mistake In The Chronological Order Or A Thing Which Is Out Of Harmony With A PeriodAnachronism
38Word Made By Changing The Order Of The Letters In Another WordAnagram
39A Person Who Wishes To Throw Over All EstablishmentsAnarchist
40Something That Is DetestedAnathema
41The Science Of The Structure Of Human BodyAnatomy
42Fear Of MalesAndrophobia
43To DestroyAnnihilate
44Fixed Sum Of Money Paid To Somebody As Income In His LifetimeAnnuity
45Medicine Which Lessens PainAnodyne
46Deviation Or Departure From Common Rule Of StandardAnomaly
48Fear Of Getting Fat Makes Young Girl Stop Eating Resulting In Harmful EffectAnorexia
49A Person Who Opposes AnotherAntagonsit
50Room Leading Into A Large RoomAnteroom
51A Collection Of PoemAnthology
53Craze For FlowersAnthomania
54The Ascribing Of Human Motivation, Characterustics Ifr Behaviour To Inanmate Objects, Animal Or Natural PhenomenaAnthropormorphism
55Strong And Settled Dislike Between Two PersonsAntipathy
56Loss Of Ability To Use Speech/UnderstandAphasia
57Total Loss Of VoiceAphonia
58One Who Derserts His ReligionApostate
59A Pioneer Of A Reform MovementApostle
60A Set Of Instruments Put Together For A PurposeApparatus
61A Person Who Has Just Started LearningApprentice
62Cultivation Of Tress And VegetablesArboriculture
63Words Used In Ancient Time But No Longer In General Use NowArchaic
64A Slang Of The UnderworldArgot
65Military Forces And Their EquipmentsArmament
66Onw Who Is Guilty Of Firing PropertyArsonist
67An Assembly Of HearaersAssemblage
68Recurrence Of Some Disease After Generation Or Similarity In Special Features With Remote AncestorsAtavism
69To Make Thin Or Fine Or To Reduce The StrengthAttenuate
70Fear Of FailureAtychiphobia
71The Group Especially In The Arts Regarded A Being The Most ExperimentAvant-Grade
72A Statement Accepted As True Without ProofAxiom
73A Large Number Of Cotton Tied In A BundleBale
74A Story In VerseBallad
76In QuestionsBarrage
77Fear Of DepthsBathopobia
78Blessing Given By PriestBenediction
79To Explain A Spritual TruthBenign
81To Surround With Armed ForcesBesiege
82Engaged To Be MarriedBetrodted
83A Large Group Of Girls/LadiesBevy
84Fond Of Much Alcoholic DrinksBibulous
85One Who Intolerantly Devoted To A Particular CreedBigot
86Examination Of Living TissueBiopsy
87A Man Or Woman With Skin And Hair Or Auburn ColourBlonde
88An Unconventional Style Of LivingBohemian
89Clumsy Or Ill-Bred FellowBoor
90The Dwelling Place If An Animal UndergroundBorrow
91A Small Shop That Sells Fashionable Clothes, Cosmetics Etc.Boutique
92A Pair Of PigeonsBrace
93A Factory For Manufacturing Of BeersBrewery
94Woven Fabric Richly Ornamented With DesignsBrocade
95One Who Comes From A Village And Considered StupidBumpkin
96A Small House With All Rooms On One FloorBunaglow
97A Collection Of FlagsBunting
98Person Who Holds Scholarship At A UniversityBursar
99Place Where Cows Are ShelteredByre
100A Person Who Os Bad In SpellingCacaographist
101A Place Where Treasurers ,Stores ,Ammunition Are HiddenCache
102Fear Of UglinessCacophobia
103That Which Is Corpse LikeCadaverous
104Persuade By FlatteryCajole
105A Person Who Is Insensible To Kind Thoughts Or Sympathetic FeelingCallous
106One Who Eats Human FleshCannibal
107Lover Of DogsCanophilist
108The Dead Body Of A AnimalCaracass
109The Dad Body Of A AnimalCarcase
110Public Marry Making And FeastingCarnival
111Noisy Drinking Party Or Merry MakingCarousal
112Fear Of DoctorsCatrophobia
113Of Inner Circle Of Members Of GovernmentCaucus
114Extreme Fear Of BeautyCellophobia
115One Who Is More Than A Hundred Years OldCentenarian
116Art Of PoetryCeramics
117Elderly Women In Charge Of A Girl On Social OccasionsChaperon
118Be The Emodiment Or Perferct Example OfCharacterise
119Person Who Pretends To Have More KnowledgeCharlatan
120An Extermely Deep Crack Or Opening In The GroundChasm
121One Who Drives A Motor CarChauffeur
122A Person Who Is Blindly Devoted To An IdeaChauvinist
123An Unreal And Visionary IdealChimerical
124A Small Piece Of WoodChip
125The Science Of ColoursChromatics
127The Study Of Duration Of LifeChronology
128A Women Who Lures Men To Destroy ThemCirce
129Prevent From Being Carried OutCircumvent
130A Group[P Of Applauders I.E. Paid To ClapClaque
131Fear Of Going To BedClinophobia
132A Small Person Belonging To A BodyClique
133A Group Of IslandsCluster
134Compel To A Course Of ActionCoerce
135Presented In A Forceful And Convening MannerCogent
136Having The Same Source Or OriginCognate
137Sticking TogetherCoherent
138Any Language Speaking OnlyColloquialism
139An Official BulletinCommunique
140One Who Introduces Performing Artists On The Stage ProgrammesCompere
141One Who Is Completely SatisfiedComplacent
142To Have A Very High Opinion Of OneselfConceited
143Live In Relationship A Man And A Woman Living Without Being MarriedConcubiange
144A Country Ruled By Two CountryCondomunium
145One Who Sells Sweets And PastriesConfectioner
146Union Of States, Parties, Or PersonsConfederacy
147Having A Similar Nature, Common InterestCongenial
148Present From Or Before BirthCongenital
149A Group Of WorshipersCongregation
150Identical In All RespectsCongruent
151Suggest In Addition To The Fundamental MeaningConnote
152Relationship By Blood Or BirthConsanguinity
153Guided By One’s Sense Of DutyConscientious
154Compulsory Enlistment For Military ServiceConscription
155A Number Of Stars Grounded TogetherConstellation
156A Disease Which Spreads By ContactContagious
157One Who Lives At The Same TimeContemporary
158Wilful And Persistent Resistance To Lawful AuthorityContumacy
159Gradual Recovery From IllnessConvalescence
160Secret Religious MeetingConventicle
161A Girl Who Flirts EgregiouslyCoquettle
162Ceremony Of Crowning A KingCoronation
163A Funeral Procession Comprising A Number Of MournersCortege
164Person Singing Jointly With OthersCosignatory
165Having A Common Terminus Or BoundaryCoterminous
166A Graveyard Where Dead Are BuriedCrèche
167Man Whose Wife Is Unfaithful To HimCuckold
168A Passage With Only One EndCul-De-Sac
169System Of Religious WorshipCult
170A Low Area Storm With High Winds Rotating About A Centre Of Low Atmospheric PressureCyclone
171One Who Thinks That Human Nature Is Essentially EvilCynic
172Fear Of DogsCynophobia
173The Study Of Cells, Especially Their Formation Structure And FunctionsCytology
174The Study Of Finger Prints For The Purpose Of IdentificationDactylographic
175One Who Pays Too Much Attention To His Cloths And AppearanceDandy
176Suave (Polished And Light Hearted Person)Debonair
177An Original Glass Bottle For Holding Wine Or Other Alcoholic DrinksDecanter
178A Person Who Fails In The Performance Of This Duty Or Commits And OffenceDelinquent
179A Political Leader Who Tries To Stir Up PeopleDemagogue
180An Expression Of Mild DisapprovalDenigration
181A Person Who Gives Written Testimony For Use In A CourtDeponent
182Express Earnest Disapproval OfDeprecate
183To Derive A Thing Of Its Holy CharacterDescrate
184Use In An Unworthy Or Wicked WayDesecrate /Defile
185The Abandonment Of One’s Country Or CauseDesertion
186The Rule Of A Person Who Is TyrantDespotism
187The State Of Being Miserable , Bereft Of All PossessionsDestitute
188That Which Has Very Harmful And Dangerous EffectsDetrimental
189Make DesolateDevastate
190Bitter And Violent Attack In WordsDiatribe
191Story Told To Illustrate A Moral Or Spiritual TruthDidactic
192Shy,Timid , Unwilling To Face A SituationDiffident
193Turn Or Wander Away From The Main TopicDigress
194A Dabbler (Not Serious In Art, Science And LiteratureDilettante
196Morbid Compulsion Of DrinkDipsomania
197Fear Of ThirstDipsophobia
198Song Sung At BurialDirge
199One Who Works In Return For Being Taught The TradeDisciple
200Felling Of Fear And DisappointmentDismay
201Hiding Of True FeelingsDissimulation
202Pull Out Of Usual ShapeDistort
203Of The DaytimeDiurnal
204Belief Accepted Without QuestionDogma
205A Person Living Permanenetly In A Certain Plac EDomicile
206Old Age When A Man Behave Like A FoolDotage
208The House Of An ArabDowar
209Gust Of WingDraught
210A Squirrel’s HomeDrey
211Mania For TravelDromomania
212One Who Deals In CattleDrover
213Not Conforming To Ordinary Rules Of BehaviourEccentric
214Man Having The Woman’s QuallityEffeminate
215A Poem Of MourningElegay
216The Art Of Effective SpekingElocution
217Persuasive And Fluent SpeechEloquence
218Place For Ideal Peace And HappinessElysium
219To Free From The Confines Of Something To Liberate FromEmancipate
220A Wall Built To Prevent The Sea Or A River From Flooding An AreaEmbankment
221To Raise A Pattern Or Design On The Surface Of SomethingEmboss
222A Professor Who Has Retired From ServiceEmeritus
223A Medicine Which Induces VomitEmetic
224A Person Leaving His Native Country To Settle In AnotherEmigrant
225A Person Sent On A MissionEmissary
226Understanding Without The Interference Of FeelingsEmpathy
227Something Regularly Found Among A Particular People Or CommunityEndemic
229Give The Right To VoteEnfranchise
230Boredom And Frustration In LifeEnnui
231One Who Is Given To Pleasure Of The FleshEpicure
232One Whose Attitude Is To Eat, Drink And MerryEpicurean
233A Short Saying Or Poem Which Express An Idea In A Very Clever And Amusing WayEpigram
234A Verse LetterEpistle
236A Short Summary Of A Book Or SpeechEpitome
237Calmness Of Mind And TemperEquanimity
238A Person Who Is Skilled In HorsemanshipEquestrian
239The Study Of Effect Of Environment On WorkersErgonomy
240Fear Of WorkErgophobia
241Science Of The Races Of Mankind And Their Relation To One AnotherEthnology
242The Study Of Animal BehaviourEthology
243Habitual Character And DepositionEthos
244Science Of The Causes Of DiseasesEtiology/Aetiology
245The Study Of The Origin And History Of WordsEtymology
246The Study Of Production Of Better Offspring By The Careful Selection Of ParentsEugenics
247Use Of Mild Word In Place Of Words Required By TruthEuphemism
248Thing That Bring Gentle And Painless Death From Incurable DiseaseEuthanasia
249A Payment To Legaly Bindng But For Which Some Moral Obligation Is FeltEx Gratia
250To Atone One’s SinsExpiate
251One Who Explains A Theory , Idea Etc.Exponent
252Forcing Out(Blood Etc.) From Its VesselExtravasate
253A Person Who Is Filled With Excessive EnthusiasmExtrovert
254A Aniaml Story With MoralFable
256An Exact Copy Of Handwriting ,PrintingFacsimile/Xerox
257Something Artificial Having The Appearance Of Some Thing Got UpFactitious
258A Person Who Is Very Selective Disgusted Easily And Is Hard To PleaseFastidious
259Congrulations Some One In Formal MannerFelicatate
260That Is Cat LikeFeline
261Serious Crime Like Murder ,ArsonFelony
262Chain Of Flowers ,Leaves Ribbons Etc.Festoon
263As Opposed To Realistic , Imagined Not RealFictitious
264A Person Who Is Very CruelFiend
265Murder Of One’s ChildrenFilicide
266Gay And Elegant Dress Or AppearanceFinery
267A Number Of SheepsFlock
268A Small Fleet Of BoatsFlotilla
269Stroke Of Good LuckFluke
270Page Number Of A BookFolio
271Incur Loss Through Some FaultForfeit
272Murder Of One’s BrotherFratricide
273The Art Of Painting On A Plaster SurfaceFresco
274A Person Who Is Very Careful In The Use Of MoneyFrugal/Parsimonious
275The Line Which A Plough Cuts In The GroundFurrow
276Fastest Speed Of A HorseGallop
277Fear Of MarriageGamophobia
278A Person Who Is TalktiveGarrulous
279A Record Or Table Showing The Descent Of A Person Or A FamilyGenealogy
280Fear Of BirthGenophobia
281The Study Of Rocks And SoilsGeology
282Tendency To Grow DownwardsGeotropism
283Fear Of Old AgeGeraphobia
284The Branch Of Science Which Deals With The Problems Of The OldGeriatrics
285Government By Old ManGerontocracy
286Feeling That Everything TurnsGiddiness
287List Of ExplantationGlossary
288A Female Of GanderGoose
289A Connoisseur Of Food And DrinkGourment
290Fear Of WritingGraph Phobia
291Done Or Obtained Without Payment Or Free Of ChargeGratuitous
292Animals Which Live In A Flock , Used For Human Beings AlsoGregarious/Sociable
293Make A Deep Sound Of PainGroan
294One Who Sells Fruit, Vegetables Etc. From A Barrow In The StreetsGrocer
295Complain Or Protest IrritatinglyGrudge /Grumble
296Simple And Easily DeceivedGullible
297A Sudden Rush Of WindGust
298Fear Of WomenGynophobia
299An Instrument For Recoding The Revolutions Of The EarthGyroscope
300The Normal Abode Of Any Animal Or PlantHabitant
301Languages That Has Been Very Much UsedHackneyed
302Study Of Literature Dealing With Lives Of SaintsHagiology
303A Person Without Objective RealityHallucination
304Two Wheeled Cab For Two To Ride Indie With Driver Mounted Up BehindHansom
305Loud Talk Or SpeechHarangue
306A Person Or Thing That Goes Before And Announes The Coming Of SomethhingHarbinger
307A Women Of Lax MoralHarlot
308Fear Of Being RobbedHarpaxophobia
309A Spear On A Rope For Catching Whales And Other Larger FishHarpoon
310An Adult Male Of DeerHart
311Cutting And Gathering Of GrainHarvest
312A Number Of Fish Caught (In Net) Caught At One TimeHaul
313Wide Spread ViolenceHavoc
314A Number Of Ruins, StonesHeap
315A Vehicle That Is Used To Carry A Dead BodyHearse
316Interrupt And Ask Troublesome QuestionsHeckle
317Fear Of PleasureHedonophobia
318Wicked To A High DegreeHeinous
319The Sun TherapyHeliotherapy
320A Place For The Collection Of Dried PlantsHerbarium
321That Which Eats GrassHerbivore /Herbivorous
322Belief Or Opinion Contrary To What Is Generally AcceptedHeresy
323One Who Is Against The ReligionHeretic
324Creature Havingh Both Male And Female OrgansHermaphrodite
325A Person Claming To Be Superior In Culture And Intellect To OthersHighbrow
326One Who Robs Smuggler Of His Smuggled Goods After The Border Has Been CrossedHijacker
327Person Who Is Against The Ordinary Society Esp. DressingHippy
328The Study Of TissuesHistology
329A Word That Is The Same In Sound As Another But Different In MeaningHomonym
330Science Of TimeHorology
331A Dog Used For HuntingHound
332Seat On Elephant’s BackHowdah
333Branches Of Learning Concerned With Literature HistoryHumanities
334Fear Of TravelHydrophobia
335A Religious SongHymn
336An Exaggerated StatementHyperbole
337A Persistent Anxiety About One’s Health Usually Involving Imagined Symptoms Of IllinessHypochondria
338One Who Pretends To Be What He Is NotHypocrite
339An Odd,A Typical Or Eccentric TraitIdiosyncrasy
341Short Descripative Poem Or Picturesque Scene Or IncidentIdyll
342Something Perfectly Neat And TidyImmaculate
344One Who Is Settles In Another CountryImmigrant
345Free From InfectionImmune
346Not Shoeing Proper RespectImpertinent
347One Who Shows Lack Of Respect Or Religious ReverenceImpious
348That Cannot Be WeighedImponderable
349Lacking In Sexual Power Or Sufficient Strength To Do SomethingImpotent
350That Cannot Be Entered By ForceImpregnable
352Something That Cannot Be Taken AwayInalienabel
353A Person Who Maliciously Destroys By FireIncendiary
354Incapable Of Being BurntIncombustible
356That Which Is Not Composed Of MatterIncorporeal
357That Cannot Be Erased Or RemovedIndelible
358Compensation Of LossIndemnity
359Angry At InjusticeIndignant
360One Who Is Unrelenting And Cannot Be Moved By EntreatiesInexorable
361Not Definitely Or Clearly ExpressedInexplicit
362Foolish LoveInfatuation
363A Home For Old PeopleInfirmary
364Swelling Part Of A BodyInflammation
365Judicial Process Or Order To Stop SomethingInjunction
366Place Which Provides Both Board And LodgingInn
367A Subtle Allusive And Generally Deprecatory RemarkInnuendo
368Not Clearly Expressed Or UnderstandInscrutable
369Suggest IndirectlyInsinuate
370Interested Mainly In A Small Group Country Etc.Insular
371To Mediate Between Two Parties In A DisputeIntercede
373Make (Something Misleading) Additions To A BookInterpolate
374The Period Between Two ReignsInterregnum
376Interrupt The Proceeding And Demand A Statement Or Explanation FromInterrelate
377Scatter Things Among Others Or Place Here And ThereIntersperse
378A Person Who Has A Most Uncompromising Attitude Especially On PoliticsIntransigent
379Something That Can Not Be HarmedInviolate
380A Person Who Travels From Place To PlaceItinerant
381A Plan For Or Route To Be Followed On A JourenyItinerary
382Language Difficult To UnderstandJargon
383A Short Joureny For PleaseureJaunt
384A Professional Rider In Horse RacesJockey
385A Traitor Who Can Sel Our Even His FirendsJudas
386A Group Of People Who Band Together For Some Secret Purpose Especially For Political IntrigueJunta
387Science And Philosophy Of Human LawJurisprudence
388Placing A Thing Beside AnotherJuxtapose
389A Swiftly Changing Scene Or PatternKaleidoscope
390Science Of Human BeautyKalology
391Fear Of CockroachesKatsaridaphobia
392Government By The Worst CitizenKekistocracy
393A House Or Shelter For A DogKennel
394A Funeral BellKnell
395Being Economical In Speech Or Expressed In Few WordsLaconic
396Salt Water Lake Separated From The Sea By Sand BanksLagoon
397Fear Of SpeedLalophobia
398A Written Attack Using Humour To Provoke ContemptLampoon
399One Who Cuts Precious StonesLapidist(Lapidary)
400A Medicine That Loosens The BowelsLaxative
401Something Left In A Will By Someone Who Has DiedLegacy
402Responsible According To LawLegitimate
403A False Written Statement To Damage A Person’s ReputeLibel
404A Person Who Leads An Immoral LifeLibertine/Lecher
405Man Of Lax MoralLicentious
407The Study Of Physical Phenomenon Of LakesLimnology
408To Comenasate A Person Etc. For Loss Or DamageLindemnify
409Fear Of Getting FatLipophobia
410Cutting For Stone In The BladderLithotomy
411Of Young Pigs, Dogs At BirthLitter
412A Section Of HairLock
413Fear Of WordsLogophobia
414One Who Talks ContinuouslyLoquacious
415A Song To Put Babies To SleepLullaby
416A Place Where Mad Men Are KeptLunatic
417Fear Of DarkLygophobia
418A Scene Or Situation Which Is Gruesomely Imaginative Or Full Of Gruesome DetailsMacabre
419Part-Song For Several Voices Without Instrumental AccompanimentMadrigal
420Fear Of ChildbirthMaieusiphobia
421A Pharse R Sentence That Is Comical Or Noncensical Because The Speaker Used A Wrong Woek That Sounded Something Like A Right WordMalapropism
423Person Who Is Always DissatisfiedMalcontent
424Onw Who Pretends Illness To Escape DutyMalingerer
425A Fullsize Model Of A Complete Of Patial Human FigureMannequin /Dummy
426An Instrunment For Measuring GasesManometer
427Killing Of One’s HusbandMariticide
428Morning PrayerMatin
430A Magnificent TombMausoleum
431Short Saying Expressing A General TruthMaxim/Proverb/Dictum/Adage
432Mania Of Being ImportantMegalomania
433One Who Has Delusions Of One’s GrandeurMegalomaniac
434A Drama Which Is Marked By Very Crude Appeal To Feelings And EmotionsMelodrama
435Perasonal Reminiscences In A Narrative FromMemoir
436A Place For Wild Animals And BirdsMenagerie
437One Who Fights For MoneyMercenary
439Application Of Name Or Descriptive Term To An Object To Which It Is Not Literally ApplicableMetaphor
440One Who Is Very Careful And ParticularMeticulous
441A Person Who Makes And Sells Ladies Hats, Etc.Milliner
442Cut Into Small PeacesMince
443An Impudent GirlMinx
444Hatter Of SmokingMisocapnic
445One Hates The Institution Of MarriageMisogamist
446A Hater Of New ThingsMisoneist
447A Treatise On One SubjectMonograph
448Perason Obsessed With One Idea Or SubjectMonomaniiac
449Of Outstanding SignificanceMonumental
450Belonging To This Word , EarthlyMundane
451A Change That Befalls SomethingMutation
452Open Rebellion Of Soldiers And Sailors Against Lawful AuthorityMutiny
453Flesh Of Sheep Used As FoodMutton
454A Person Having The Same NameNamesake
455State Of UnconsciousNarcosis
456Secretion Of A Plant Which Attracts The Insects Or Birds That Pollinate FlowersNectar
457Using Of New WordsNeology
458A Person Suffering From Nervous BreakdownNeurotic
459Fond Of New ThingsNewfangled
460A Hollow Space In A Wall For A StuateNiche
461One Who Believes In The Philosophy That Nothing Has Real ExistenceNihilist
462A Member Of A Wandering TribeNomad
463Study Of LawNomo Logy
464A Quick Remedy Or Apparent Medicine Or Similarly A Pet SchemeNostrum
465Fear Of DarknessNyctophobia
466Offering Made To GodOblation
467Destroy Without Any TraceObliterate
468Physician Who Delivers BabiesObsterician
469Fear Of CrowdsOclophobia
470One Who Cure Eye DiseaseOculist
471The Study Of TeethOdontology
472A Long Wandering JourneyOdyssey
473Gathering Of All ThingsOmnibus
474Of All SortsOmnifarious
475One Who Eats EverythingOmnivorous
476Fear Of SnakesOphiopobia
477Scornful And Contemptuous LanguageOpprobrium
478The Study Of MountainsOralogy
479One Who Makes An Eloquent Public SpeechOrator
480A Field Or A Part Of A Garden Where Fruit Trees GrowOrchard
481Severe Test Of Character Or EnduranceOrdeal
482The Ceremony At Which A Man Becomes A PriestOrdination
483Style In Which A Writer Makes A Display Of His KnowledgeOrnate
484The Study Of Correct PronunciationOrthoepy
485Currect SpellingOrthography
487Fear Of PropertyOrthophobia
488A Person Who Looks After Horses In A InnOstler
489Dungeon Entered By TrapdoorOubliette
490Way Out For Water Or StreamOutlet
491Bearing Young’s By EggsOviparous
492Person Who Does Not Believe In Any ReligionPagan
493The Study Of Ancient WritingPalaeography
494Study Of FossilsPalaeontology
495Food Which Agrees With One’s TastePalatable
496The Study Of Ancient WritingPaleography
497That Which Can Lessen The Severity Of (Pain , Disease)Palliative
498Government Run UniversallyPanarcy
499Equally Sensitive To All ColoursPanchromatic
500A Disease Widely EpidemicPandemic
501Wild And Noisy DisorderPandemonium
502A Speech Or Writing Prasing A Person Or A ThingPanegyric
503Government By AllPant Isocracy
504Belief Of God In NaturePantheism
505Person Who Belives That God Is Everything And Eveyting Is GodPantheist
506Temple Dedicated To All The GodsPantheon
507To Explain A Spritual TruthParable
508A Lover Specially One Who Unlawfully Takes The Position Of A Wife Or A HusbandParamour
509Mental DerangementParanoia
510Personal Belonging , Equipments Etc.Paraphernalia
511One Who Lives On OthersParasite
512A Small UmbrellaParasol
513Funny Imitation Of A PoemParody
514Words Alike In Sound But Different In Meaning And SpellingParonym
515Murder Of One’s ParentsParricide
516One Who Flaunts Newly Acquired WealthParvenu
517A Language Of Special GroupPatois
518Killing One’s FatherPatricide
519Property Inherited From One’s Father Pr AncestorsPatrimony
520Name Derived From Father’s NamePatronymic
521One Who Has No Means Of Live HoodPauper
522Give Something As A Security For DebtPawn/Mortgage
523Use Of Public Money For One’s Own BenefitPeculation/Embezzlement
524A School Teacher Or A Man Affecting LearningPedagogue
525The Art Of Method Of TeachingPedagogy
526A Style In Which A Writer Makes A Display Of His KnowledgePedantic
527To Remove The Skin Of A Potato Or And OrangePeel
528Equal In RankPeer
529A Small Enclosere For Cattle ,Sheep ,Polutry EtcPen
530Fear Of PovertyPeniaphobia
531Land So Surrounded By Water As To E Almost And IslandPeninsula
533A Passage Marking The Close Of SpeechPeroration
535Be The Embodiment Or Perfect ExamplePersonify
536Quick To Judge And UnderstandPerspicacious
537Change To Something Abnormal , UnnaturalPerversion
538The Study Of RocksPetrology
539Fear Of Becoming BladPhalacrophobia
540Fear Of GhostsPhasmophobia
541One Who Works For The Welfare Of The WomenPhilogynist /Feminist
542The Study Of LanguagesPhilology
544A Lover Of LearningPhilomath
545A Lover Of Poetry And ArtPhilomuse
546A Lover Of AnimalsPhilozoic
547The Study Of Speech Sounds And Production, Transmission , ReceptionPhonetics
548Instrument For Measuring The Intensity Of LightPhotometer
549The Science Of Judging Of A Person’s Character Capabilities Etc. From An Examination Of The Shape Of His SkullPhrenology
550The Study Of Human FacePhysiognomy
551Ride On Someone’s BackPiggyback
552Pleasant Or Sharp To The TastePiquant
553A Common Place RemarkPlatitude
555Common Place RemarksPlatitudes
556An Experession Of The Popular Will Concerning Some Important Questions Given By A Direct Vote Of The PeoplePlebiscite
558A Person With Full Discretinary Power To Act On Behalf Of A CountryPlenipotentiary
559Use Of More Words Than Are Needed To Express The MeaningPleonasm
560Custom Of Having Many WivesPolygamy
561One Who Knows Many LanguagesPolygot
562That Which Is Pig LikePorcine
563A Group Of People Who Are The Same In Some WayPosse
564Future GenerationPosterity
565Something Which Can Be Taken For GrantedPostulate
566A Book Or Picture Produced Merely To Bring In MoneyPot-Boiler
567A Medley Or Heterogenous Mixture Of Great VarietyPotpourri
568Theory Of UtilityPragmatism
569A Person Concerned With Practical Results And ValuesPragmatist
570One Preying On Or Exploiting OthersPredator
571Difficult Or Dangerous SituationPredicament
572Absolute RightPrerogative
573Feeling Or Impression That Something Evil Is Going To HappenPresentment
574The Tendency To Postpone Things For FutureProcrastination
575Forecast Of The Probable Course Of A Disease Or IllnessPrognosis
576Whole Body Of Wage EarnersProletariat
577Confused And DisorderlyPromiscuous
578Explicit Understanding To Do SomethingPromise
579Natural Tendency To Do SomethingPropensity
580Person To Whom Another Gives Encouragement And HelpProtégé
581Original ModalPrototype
582One Who Studies The Pattern Of Voting In ElectionsPsephologist
583Expand And Contract RhythmicallyPulsate
584Particular Point Of Good Conduct , Ceremony HonourPunctilio
585Separation From Other People To Avoid InfectionQuarantine
587Happening In Five YearsQuinquennial
588One Who Is Chvalrous,Idealistic And UnpracticalQuixotic
589People In Rowdy ScenceRabble
590Lottery In Which An Article Is Assigned By Lot To One Of Those Buying TicktsRaffle /Draw
591A Person Who Refuses Compliance WithRecalcitrant
592Secret Place Difficult To ReachRecess
593One Who Habitually Relapses Into Crime Or One Who Cannot Be Cured Of Criminal ActivitiesRecidivist
594One Who Retires From Socity To Live A Solitary LifeRecluse
596Dress With Medals, Ribbons Worn At Official CeremoniesRegalia
597Give Back To The Users Their Youthful Vigour And AppearanceRejuvenate
598Pardon Or Forgiveness Of Sins By GodRemission
599One Who Forsakes ReligionRenegade
601Person Who Changes His Religious BeliefRenegate/ Renegade
602Witty , Clever RetortRepartee
604Atonement For One’s SinsRepentance
605Indirect Effect Or Remote Effect Of Some EventRepercussion
606Copy Or Reproduction Of A WorkReplica
607Shining , Brilliant And MagnificentResplendent
608A Person Who Is Resereved In TalksReticent
609A Lady’s PurseReticule
610The Art Of Elegant Speech Or WritingRhetoric
611Place For Public SpeakingRostrum
612Cud-Chewing AnimalRuminant
613To Mediate, To Pander Over A QuestionRuminate
614To Relax In A Countryside Far Away From The Humdrum Of TownRusticate
615Substance Used In Place Of SugarSaccharin
616A Symbolic Religious Ceremony Especially BaptismSacrament
617The Act Of Violating The Sanctity Of ChurchSacrilege
618Violiting Religious ThingsSacriliege
619A Very Private RoomSanctum,Sanctorum
620Abounding In BloodSanguine
621One Who Is Grave And GloomySaturnine
622In A Primitive Or Uncivilized StateSavage
623One Who Always Gets Into TroubleScapegrace
624Confused Struggle Or FightScrimmage
625Practise Of Using AbuseScurrility
626Suffering From Bodily Or Mental Weakness Because Old AgeSenile
627Affectedly And Pompously Formal Person Or StyleSententious
628Music Played Or Sung At Night Below A Person’s WindowSerenade
629150th AnniversarySesquicentennial
630Smash To PiecesShatter
631A Case In Which The Sword Is KeptSheath
632A Case In Which The Blade Of A Sword Is KeptSheath ,Scabbard
633A Large Number Of Fish Swimming TogetherShoal
634Cutting All The Waste Paper Into PiecesShredding
635Winding Sheet Of A CorpseShroud
636Go Back And ForthShuttle
637Period Of Rest Or Sleep Taken In The Early AfternoonSiesta
638A Portrait Of A Person With Only The Outline Of The ProfileSilhouette
639One Who Despises Persons Of Lower Social PositionSnob
640A Short Stay At A PlaceSojourn
641A Very Delicate Flaw Or Mistake Which Is Not Expected From The Person Making ItSolecism
642A Speech Made To OneselfSoliloquy
643Having A Full , Deep SoundSonorous
644A Reasoned Willing To Avail Himself Of Fallacies That Will Help His CaseSophist
645Causing Or Tending To Cause SleepSoporific
646The Highest Singing Voice In Women Or Boys Or A Music In Highest VoiceSoprano
647Murder Of One’s SisterSororicide
648One Who Is A Habitual DrunkedSottoper
649A Thing Kept In Meomory Of An EventSouvenir
651Money In Form Of CoinsSpecie
652The Study Of CavesSpelelogy
653One Who Does Not Know How To Save The MoneySpendthrift
654One Who Spends One’s Money RecklesslySpendthrift/Prodigal
655Occurring Here And There Or Now And Then Of Or For AllSporadic
656Principal Raw Material Or Commodity Grown In A LocalityStaple
657Written Law Passed By The Law Making BodyStatute
658One Who Loads And Unloads ShipsStevedore
659One Who Arranges For The Supply Of Food In A Club, School Etc.Steward
660A Sequence Of Similar ItemsString
661Walk In A Vain , Self-Important WayStrut
662A Heavy Unnatural SlumberStupor
663A Place Where Pigs Are KeptSty
664Bring Under Control Especially A Group Of People Causing TroubleSubdue
665Bring Under Control In WarSubjugate
666Put Under The Surface Of WaterSubmerge
667Submarines Operate Below The Surface Of The SeasSubterranean
668One Who Courts Or Woos A WomanSuitor
669Miscellaneous Articles Not Listed SeparatelySundries
670Showing Contemptuous IndifferenceSupercilious
671Easily BendingSupple
672Stealthy DoneSurreptitious
673A SubsututeSurrogate
674A Flies Or Locusts, Bees ,AntsSwarm
675A Boastful FellowSwashbuckler
676To Slap With A Flat ObjactSwat
677Person Who Caters To The RichSycophant
678Conference For Discussion On A SubjectSymposium
679A Council Of ClergymenSynod
680Something Which Religion Or Custom Regards As ForbiddenTaboo
681A Place Where Lather Is TannedTannery
682Fit For Bad Temper Or AngerTantrum
683The Art Of Preserving SkinTaxidermy
684Power Of Reading Thoughts Of OthersTelepathy
685A Noisy Quarrelsome Women, A ShrewTermagant
686Fear Of DeathsThanatophobia
687Government By The GodsTherachy
688A Large Crowd Of PeopleThrong
689One Who Always Runs Away From DangerTimid
690Exsisting Only In NameTitular
691One Who Is Habitual DrunkenToper/Sot
692Art Of Cutting Tree And Bushes Into Ornamental ShapeTopiary
693Of Abusive InvectivesTorrent
694One Who Travels From Place To PlaceTramp
695That Which SurpassesTranscendental
696Of A Very Short Duration Of PeriodTransient
697The Doctrine That Human Souls Pass From One Body To Another At The Time Of DeathTransmigration
698A Drawing On Transparent PaperTransparency
699Group Of Three NovalsTrilogy
700Fear Of NumbersTriskaidekaphobia
701Something That Is Poisonous Or UnhealthyTrivial
702A Group Of Dancers, Artists Or AcrobatsTroupe
703Plain Or Self Evident TruthTruism
704A Framework Of Rafters, Posts And BarsTruss
705Of Grass ,HairTuft
706Science Of PrintingTypography
707That Which Cannot Be Doubted Or QuestionedUnimpeachable
708The Practise Of Taking Exorbitant Or Excessive Interest On The Money LentUsury
709An Imaginary IdealUtopia
710Change One’s Mind Two QuicklyVacillation
712Suggesting Absence Of Thought Or IntellectVacuous
713To Spend Life Without Purpose And IntitativeVegetate
714Guilty Of Accepting Bribes Extremely MercenaryVenal
715Fault That May Be ForgivenVenial
717That Can Live Without Outside HelpViable
718The Act Of Enjoying Or Having An Experience IndirectlyVicariously
719A Short Literary Description Marked By DelicacyVignette
720One Who Is Determined To Exact Full Vegeance For Wrong Done To HimVindictive
721An Area Planted With GrapesVineyard
722A Loud-Mouthed Turbulent Kind Of WomenVirago
723One Who Is Brilliant Performer On Stage(Specially Music)Virtuoso
724Bearing Living Young’sViviparous
725That Easily Changes Into Gas Or VapourVolatile
726Person Who Gives Himself Up To Luxury And Sexual PleasuresVoluptuary
727A Long Joureny Especially By SeaVoyage
728That Is Fox LikeVulpine
729Weariness Of And Sadness For Life And WorldWeltschmerz
730A Person Sharing Responsibility For A Political Party’s Discipline And TacticsWhip
731Having A Vague DesireWistful
732A Garland Of FlowersWreath
733To Move Along With Quick Short Twisting ActionsWriggle
734Fear Of SexXenophobia
735A Light Sailing Boat Built Especially For RacingYacht
736Fear Of GodZeusophobia

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