Saturday 5 August 2017



1. TURN TURTLE --- complete over- turn of a situation

2. GREASE THE PALM --- to bribe

3. PULL  A FAST ONE --- play a trick

4. TO PLAY FAST AND LOOSE --- to act in an unreliable way

5. HOLD UP --- delay

6. TO CLIP ONE’S WINGS --- to deprive on of power

7. BEAR IN MIND --- remember

8. DONKEY’S YEAR --- a long time

9. GET THE SACK --- got dismissed

10. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT --- death sentence

11. BUTTON ONE’S LIPS --- stop talking

12. EVENING OF  LIFE --- old age

13. AS DAFT AS A BRUSH --- extremely silly

14. TO BE IN A FIX --- in a difficult situation

15. A DROP IN A BUCKET --- a very insignificant amount

16. PUT UP THE SHUTTERS --- go out of business

17. CALL IN QUESTION --- challenge

18. CURRY FAVOUR --- seek favourable attention

19. STRAW IN THE WIND --- an indication of what might happen

20. STICK TO GUNS --- maintain own opinion

21. BEYOND THE PALE --- unreasonable or unacceptable

22. CATCH A TARTER --- to deal with a person who is more  than one's match

23. CARRY THE BALL --- be in charge

24. COUCH POTATO --- a person who prefers to watch television

25. BUTT IN --- interrupt

26. DRESSING DOWN --- to give scolding

27. BURN YOUR BOATS --- do something that makes it impossible to return to the previous situation

28. OLD HEAD ON YOUNG SHOULDER --- to be wise beyond one's  age.

29. A HOUSE OF CARDS --- an insecure scheme

30. A CUCKOO IN THE NEST --- an unwelcome intruder

31. BESIDE THE MARK --- not to the point

32. TO GET COLD FEET --- feared

33. CUT A SORRY FIGURE --- make a poor impression

34. DRIVE HOME --- emphasise

35. TO GIVE ONESELF AIRS --- behave arrogantly

36. SELLING LIKE HOT CAKES --- to have a very good sale

37. PULL TOGETHER --- work harmoniously

38. BE DOWN WITH --- suffering from

39. CALL ON --- pay a visit

40. AT MOON SHINE --- far from visit

41. TO TAKE TO HEART --- to be greatly affected


43. EVERY INCH A GENTLEMAN --- entirely

44. MAKE IT LIGHT --- treat lightly

45. PALED INTO INSIGNIFICANCE --- seemed less important

46. FOR KEEPS --- forever

47. HOPE AGAINST HOPE --- nurture an impossible  hope

48. DRAG ONE’S FEET --- be reluctant

49. BEGGAR DESCRIPTION --- cannot be described

50. MAKE ROOM --- make space

51. IN THE RUNNING --- has good prospects in competition

52. FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES --- practically

53. TO ANGLE --- to fish

54. GATE CRASHER --- uninvited guest

55. FIT LIKE A GLOVE --- perfectly

56. CAT-NAP --- short sleep

57. PULL A LONG FACE --- look sad/ dejected

58. SHAKE OFF --- forget/ to get away from somebody who is chasing or following you.

59. GO AT EQUAL SPEED----keep up with

60. FLIES OFF AT A TANGENT---- starts discussing something irrelevant

61. BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES---- prepare for a difficult situation

62. NAILED THEIR COLOURS TO THEIR MAST---- refused to climb down

63. ALL OUR MIGHT AND MAIN---- full force

64. STOOD HIS GROUND---- refused to yield

65. PUT MY FOOT DOWN---- take firm stand

66. TO THE LETTER---- in every detail

67. TO CARVE OUT A NICHE---- developed a specific position for himself

68. ALL DUCKS  IN A ROW---- well organised

69. HALCYON DAYS---- happy days

70. WASHED THEIR HANDS OFF IT. ---- disassociated themselves from

71.  TO GIVE A RAP ON THE KNUCKLES. ----  to rebuke

72. BE IN THE MIRE ---- be in difficulties

73. TO SPEAK DAGGERS. ---- to speak to a person with hostility

74. TO STRIKE ONE'S COLOURS. ---- to surrender

75. TO HAVE ONE'S HEART IN ONE'S BOOT. ---- to be deeply depressed

76. TO LIVE FAST. ---- to lead a life of dissipation

77. BE THE RULE OF THUMB. ---- be practical experience which is rather tough

78. TO OIL THE KNOCKER. ---- to tip the office boy.

79. SWAN-SONG.---- last work of a poet or musician before death.

80. A FOOL'S ERRAND. ---- a useless undertaking

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