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Memory based GENERAL AWARENESS questions asked on 05/08/2017,06/08/2017 & 08/08/2017(all shifts) SSC CGL 2017.

Memory based GENERAL AWARENESS questions asked on 05/08/2017,06/08/2017 & 08/08/2017(all shifts) SSC CGL 2017.

1. Which dynasty came after Tughlak Dynasty? Sayed Dynasty

2. Minimum Age for Vice President – 35 years

3. One question on movement along Demand curve -

4. What is cation? – Positively charged ion

5. India stadium hosting it's 1st Test match in 2016 vs England - Saurashtra Cricket
Association Stadium, Rajkot

6. Who is the author of ‘Sellout’? Paul Beauty

7. Which Memory is stored permanently? ROM

8. Resistances of Ideal Ammeter and Ideal Voltmeter are – Infinite and Zero respectively

9. Who is grandson of Ashoka – Samrapati, Satkarni, Dashrath Maurya (sons of Kunal)

10. The Cabinet Mission came to Indian in – 24th March 1946

11. Under which Constitutional Article, President has the power to consult Supreme Court –
Article 143

12. Who/which can abolish a State Legislative Council? - Parliament

13. Sandstone is made from – Quartz and Feldspar

14. Instrument to measure soil moisture tension - Tensiometer

15. Where Is the temple of Patal Bhirava? - Ujjain

16. 2016 EKUVERIN” the joint military exercise has started between India and which
country? - Maldives

17. Name the Vice Chairman of NITI Ayog? – Arvind Panagriya (Note– He resigned
recently, but will still remain in office till the 31st August 2017)

18. What is the SI Unit of Force? – Newton

19. Which of the following does not form smog?

20. Pannalal Ghosh is belongs to which instrument? – Flute

21. Who is the author of the Sellout Book? – Paul Beaty

22. What is the minimum age for Vice President? – 35 Years

23. Who was the son of Chandragupta Maurya? – Bindusara

24. Duncan line passes through? Indian Ocean

25. Unit of Pressure? – Pasca

26. SI unit of work? – Joule

27. Who is inventor of Laser Printer? – Gary Starkweather

28. Rusting is process of_____________? Oxidation

29. Where is temple of Bhairava? – Mumbai, Maharashtra

30. Recently USA made which country as major defence partner? – India

31. Reverse Repo Rate? The rate at which Reserve Bank of India borrows money from
commercial banks within the country.

32. How many member nominated by president in lok sabha? 2

33. Which Indian cricketer to received Polly Umrigar award in 2011-12? – Virat Kohli

34. How many Fundamental Rights are listed in the Constitution? 6 type

35. Where is Patal Bhiarav Temple located? – Ujjain (MP).

36. Duncan Passage is a Strait in which Ocean – Indian Ocean.

37. Name the Inventor of Laser Printer. – Gary Keith Starkweather

38. Name the state having Lavni as their Folk dance? – Maharashtra

39. Mariana Trench is located in which Ocean? – The Pacific Ocean.

40. Sheikh Hasina belongs to which country? – Bangladesh

41. Blackboard seems black because – it does not reflect any colour

42. No. of players in a Polo game. – 4

43. Chemical name of Dry Ice – Solid Carbon Dioxide

44. Nyayasutra Book was written by – Akṣapāda Gautama

45. ‘Azad Bachapan ki Aur’ book is written by – Kailash Satyarthi

46. Name the metal used as Galvanising agent. – Zinc

47. First viceroy of India? Lord Canning

48. Medical scheme for APL families in Andhra? Arogya raksha

49. Founder of X-Ray ? Wilhelm Röntgen

50. which is the main assemble component of computer? CPU

51. Anemia is caused due to deficiency of ? Iron

52. Haemoglobin is present in ? Blood

53. which rights are not suspended during emergency.? Article 21

54. Masai tribal people are native of – Africa (Southern Kenya, Northern Tanzania)

55. Oligopoly, Monopoly and Perfect Competition Market, Match the following questions

56. Mariana trench is in which ocean? Pacific Ocean

57. Dadasaheb phalke award 2017? Kasinathuni Viswanath

58. Neha kakkar is related to - Singing

59. "S" in BRICKS stands for? South Africa

60. First viceroy of India? – Lord Canning (1958)

61. "My Country My Life" Book Author - LK Advani

62. Anaemia disease due to? Iron deficiency

63. Gautam Bhuddha attained eligthtenment in? - Bodhgaya

64. No of fundamental rights ? 6

65. No of players in polo game ? 4

66. Biggest civilian award in India? Bharat Ratna

67. Pacemaker is used _____? to help control abnormal heart rhythms

68. Gandhi Peace Prize 2017 winner - Omar Barghouti

69. What is the name of River Ganges in Bangladesh? – Padma

70. Pacemaker is used for which organ in Human Body? – Heart

71. Who is the author of the book “My country my life”? – L.K. Advani

72. What is Separk Takraw? – Kick Volleyball (Sport in South East Asia)

73. Where do you find Masal Tribe? – Kenya

74. What does S in BRICS stand for? – South Africa

75. What is the name for Tsangpo River in India? – Bramhaputra

76. Who is the author of the book “My country my life”? – L.K. Advani

77. Where do you find Masai Tribe? – Kenya

78. What is the name for Tsangpo River in India? – Brahmaputra

79. Rukmini Devi belongs to which dance -Bharatnatyam

80. who discovered Bluetooth -Jaap Harrison

81. Pulitzer award 2017 winner? Colson Whitehead

82. Who won the 2015 Cricket World Cup? - Australia.

83. CPI party was established in - 1925

83. Which of the following state is not connected to Bhutan - Himachal Pradesh

84. Palak (Spinach) is Rick in ? Iron

85. Who discovered Bluetooth? -Jaap Harrison

86. What part of earth is covered with land? 27%

87. Winner of Oscar award 2017 for best Film? Moonlight.

88. Citizen and society book is written by? Hamid Ansari

89. Highest production of opium? Afghanistan

90. Which Acid is present in Ant Sting? Formic Acid

91. No of writs in the Indian Constitution? 5

92. Cholera was discovered by? Filippo Pacini

93. LAN Stands for? Local area Network

94. New Scheme of Indian Railways : Vikalm Scheme, Vikalp scheme will give waitlisted
passengers berths in other trains at no extra cost.

95. Itai itai disease is caused by? Cadmium

96. Which Southern State has longest coastline: Andhra Pradesh

97. MOU signed between which countries for Water conversation in India? India and

98. Who built the Vijay Stambh? Rana Kumbha

99. Who is the ex officio president of the Indian Parliamentary Group? Lok Sabha

100. Match the following Questions on Mithali Raj, Lalita Babar, poonam rani? Cricket,
3000m Race, Hockey respectively

101. Xylem is used to? Transport water from roots to shoots and leaves

102. Five kingdom classification was given by? R H Whittaker

103. Monument Built by Rana Pratap Singh: Chittorgarh Fort

BIRTHRIGHT? Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak

105. Bud grows from which part of the plant? Branch

106. Who has the rights to remove President before finish his tenure - Parliament
through impeachment

107. One question regarding viceroys.

108. The function of phloem? Transport sap. The sap is a water-based solution, but rich
in sugars made by photosynthesis

109. Which country decided to open sports university recently?

110. How many fundamental duties are in the Constitution of India? 11

111. Who said the following quote -Go back to Vedas"? Dayanand Saraswati

112. What is part-IV of Indian constitution? DIRECTIVE PRICIPLE OF STATE POLICY.

113. Bulb filament is made of which metal? Tungsten

114. Which book is written by Sania Mirza? Ace Against Odds

115. Rover cup is related to which sport? Football

116. Raja Todar Mal is related to which empire? Mughal Empire

117. Who invented dynamite? Alfred Nobel

118. A question related to National Development Council.

119. Trees that lose all their leaves once a year are called? Deciduous

120. What transports water from the roots to leaves in plants? Xylem transports water
& solutes from the roots to the leaves.

121. Which of the following is not a vector quantity? Speed

122. In this reaction the lead atoms gain an electron (reduction) while the oxygen loses
electrons (oxidation) Reduction

123. The terminal at which oxidation occurs is called the "anode".

124. Schedule 4 of Indian Constitution is about? Allocation of Seats in Rajya Sabha

125. Which Diseases is caused due to bite of Female Anopheles mosquito? Malaria

126. Saffron is obtained from which part of plant? Stigma

127. At which place gravity is highest? Poles

128. Anemia is caused due to deficiency of? Iron

129. What is reduction? Gaining of an Electron

130. Humidity is measured by which device? Hygrometer

131. ____ transports water from roots to leaves in plants? Xylem

132. Which of the following is not a vector quantity? Speed

133. Question related to primary, tertiary sector (bank)

134. Who got Literature 2016 Noble Price?Bob Dylan

135. Villi is found in which part of human body? Small Intestine

136. Which living organism is segmented from head to tail?

137. From which country India adopt Presidentship? UK

138. Synapse is the gap between? Neuron and Dendrite, a synapse is a structure that
permits a neuron (or nerve cell) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another

139. Who is the musician in the Raja Agrasen's Palace?

140. Duge-the Hightest brigde formed in 2016 by which country?China

141. Who is the architect of Lucknow Pact? Sarojini Naidu

142. How much increment in 7th pay commission? 23.5% (Central Government

143. What are isobars? Different Elements with the same atomic weight

144. Which of the follwing is not vector quantity Force,Electric current, acceleration,
velocity? Electric current

145. Who is known for Hindu Muslim unity in lucknow session ? Muhammad Ali Jinnah
,Sayyed Ahmed

146. Court Poet of Harshavardhan – Bana Bhatta

147. Who invented Dynamite – Alfred Nobel

148. Todar Mal was the finance minister of which mughal emperor? – Akbar

149. Questions related to Newton’s 1st, 2nd & 3rd law & Galileo’s law.

150. Entrepreneur Scheme Related Question – Start up India, Support For International
Patent Protection In Electronics & Information Technology (SIP-EIT), Multiplier
Grants Scheme (MGS), Software Technology Park (STP) Scheme, Electronic
Development Fund (EDF) Policy, Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-
SIPS), cheme To Support IPR Awareness Seminars/Workshops In E&IT Sector,
NewGen Innovation And Entrepreneurship Development Centre (NewGen IEDC),
The Venture Capital Assistance Scheme, Credit Guarantee, Performance & Credit
Rating Scheme etc

151. Which country has opened the world’s longest sea bridge? China

152. All activities and decision making power of self-help group is taken by? Members of
the group

153. In which year Kyoto Protocol came into force? 1997

154. India recently celebrated 25 years of diplomatic relationship with which country?

155. Who discovered malaria causing parasite? Charles Louis Alphonse

156. C++ is a - Programming language

157. Dronacharya Award for swimming in 2016? S Pradeep Kumar

158. Neo malthusian principle is related to – Resource scarcity

159. Anemia is caused due to – Iron Deficiency

160. Dandiya is a folk dance of which state – Gujarat

161. Questions related to storage, MSP, Fair price store etc?

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