Friday, 9 November 2018

One Word Substitution Asked in SSC Exams 1997 Till date PDF.

One Word Substitution Asked in SSC Exams 1997 Till date PDF.

Today we are sharing a very important PDF i.e. List of All One word Substitution Questions asked in SSC Exams from 1997 till date for forthcoming SSC CGL Examination. This PDF has been created by Online Mentors and proper credits goes to them. You may download this PDF from the link provided below. 

Name of File: List of One word Substitution Asked in SSC Exams Till date

Size: 1 MB

Pages : 26 Pages

Format: PDF

Language : English

Click Here to Download List of One word Substitution Asked in SSC Exams Till date in PDF

This PDF is Compilation of one word substitution asked in various examination held by SSC. Some one words are repeated, focus on them because they were asked multiple times, so they have been included multiple times too.


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